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more tips here /> Denethic-featured fabrics are just the right fit for new laundry technologies to both save resources and achieve the target authentic look. In the laundry phase, Denethic saves 13 percent water and 16 percent of the time needed to wash the rinse look. The fabric also saves 13 percent water and 30 percent of the time necessary to complete the rinse+enzyme look. The bleached look benefits from the biggest savings of water and time, cutting 35 percent of water used and saving 45 percent of the time needed in the laundry phase. Calik Denim’s D-Clear technology offers significant saving opportunities for both the indigo/sulfur dyeing and finishing steps of denim production. Using D-Clear in the indigo/sulfur dyeing process decreases water consumption from 10 liters per kilogram of yarn to six liters, while using it in the finishing process cuts chemicals per liter used from 150 grams to only nine grams. Additionally, within the finishing process, D-Clear reduces water consumption from 6.4 liters per meter of fabric to just 1.1 liters. Ultimately, D-Clear technology uses 40 percent less water during the initial indigo dyeing phase, 83 percent less water during denim finishing and decreases the overall chemical use by 94 percent. Washpro technology, which initially debuted alongside the Functionage concept fabrics to manufacture Calik’s Autumn/Winter 21-22 denim jeans collection, now applies ViralOff antiviral treatment in partnership with Swedish chemical company Polygiene. Thanks to this treatment, 99 percent of the viruses are prevented from adhering to the fabric and COVID-19 can be completely deactivated on the fabric within two hours. Although Calik is using the technology for the first time in Turkey, the company believes this will attract great attention as a technology that can prevent COVID-19 globally.

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